Parador de Ribadeo

Know the environment

The Ria of Ribadeo, part of the Río Eo, Oscos y Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve, is a natural inlet of great ecological and environmental importance. It is also the location for a wide variety of water sports and other activities. For example, this is the only spot on the Spanish coast where you can try lateen sailing, in which the sail runs fore to aft along the boat.

Ribadeo Beach is an absolute must-see. However, be sure to remember that you need to visit at low tide, as the beach is entirely covered by water when the tide comes in.

During Holy Week and the months of July and August, authorization is required to visit the beach.  This can be obtained at:

Registered guests at the Parador de Ribadeo can obtain a pass from the Parador's reception staff.

What to see

  • Las Catedrales Beach
  • Os Santos Bridge
  • Os Moreno Tower
  • Pancha Island Lighthouse
  • Santa Cruz Viewpoint
  • Fort San Damián

What to do

Las Catedrales Beach (10 km)
Beaches Route - 6 km (Rinlo - Las Catedrales Beach)
Viewpoints Route - 11.5 km (Ribadeo - San Miguel Chapel - Cargadoiro - Pancha Island Lighthouse - Sta. Cruz Viewpoint)
Eo Rail Trail - 12 km (Ribadeo or San Tirso de Abres - A Pontenova)
Castropol (15 km)
Taramundi (29 km)
Teixois Ethnographic Complex
Mondoñedo (28 km)
Mondoñedo Cathedral, Santiago Church, Los Remedios Shrine
Figueras (5 km)

Expert's recommendation

  • Sports
The area offers a number of different water sports, including sailing, sport fishing, diving, and more. Inquire at the Parador!
  • Local beaches
Los Castros Beach (8 km) 174 m of beach
San Pedro/Coto Beach (10 km) 2,471 m of beach
Arealonga Beach (10 km) 1,298 m of beach
San Cosme / Altar Beach (10 km) 1,100 m of beach
San Bartolo Beach (10 km) 347 m of beach
Remior Beach (10 km) 999 m of beach
Pasada Beach (10 km) 574 m of beach
Lóngara Beach (10 km) 120 m of beach
Fontela Beach (10 km) 1,500 m of beach
La Grande Beach (Tapia de Casariego) (10 km) 410 m of beach
Peñarronda Beach (Tapia de Casariego) (10 km) 600 m of beach
  • Hiking routes
The following routes are highly recommended: Beaches Route, Viewpoints Route, Eo Rail Trail